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What to Expect


When you make the first call to schedule an appointment, I will ask you some general questions to get an idea of the concerns/issues that are bringing you to therapy or coaching. Prior to our first session you will be asked to fill out some forms that you will find on the website, in this section, under “Forms” and will email or fax those to me prior to our first appointment.


In our first session, we will meet for approximately 60 minutes so that I can continue to gather relevant information about you that will allow us to begin creating a plan of action.  Should you decide to pursue a therapeutic or coaching relationship with me, subsequent sessions are typically held once per week for 55 minutes.


Treatment and coaching plans are customized for you and designed to meet you at your stage of readiness to change. In general, you will be expected to explore where you are today and where you want to go in the areas that we initially identify as being your primary concerns/issues or goals. You will be asked to do work between sessions in line with your stage or readiness to change. Those in the earlier stages of readiness to change: PreContemplation and Contemplation will be asked to pursue activities that involve reading, reflecting, thinking, talking, listening, discovering, and deciding- not doing a new behavior until they are in the Preparation or later stages of readiness to change.


Change is a process that takes time and requires one to work at doing things differently. Many people don’t have the persistence for such change, but therapy and coaching will strengthen your motivation and increase your determination while providing guidance and direction on this journey.  


The A, B, C’s of Setting Yourself Up to Succeed

Understanding Psychotherapy/Therapy & How it Works

Life and Wellness Coaches

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